Jobrock is a integrated recruitment marketing toolkit for agencies to attract & engage talent where they truly are.

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In order to keep our customer experience at the highest levels possible, Jobrock is invite-only. We only work with agencies with high demand for engaging with passive candidates and in with a certain marketing focus. If you need additional info, please book a demo below and we will see if we are a good fit for your agency.

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With Jobrock you agency will be able to


Instead of cobbling together generic martech and carrying out time-sapping, tech-related tasks for every new assignment, we offer a 100% integrated, endlessly configurable recruitment marketing toolkit. Check out if you ATS is already integrated with Jobrock here.

Continuously optimise.

Take control of your outreach process (adjust campaigns, vacancy texts, candidate validation etc.). We guarantee cost effectiveness (minimum ad spend) and maximising recruitment assignment completion.


We enable marketing, tech, analytics and hiring staff to work together in one highly productive environment.


We enable you to launch a new recruitment campaign within 1 afternoon, an essential asset in this highly competitive landscape.

Create long term value.

By offering a collaborative environment and the ability to reuse historic info with every new campaign, we empower agencies to transform project-focused customer relationships into long-term partnerships.