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Mission Critical

There’s a war for talent going on - right now!

Recruitment is evolving fast, and the democratization of technology and new channels have raised the bar for modern recruitment agencies. 

Each day, it becomes less viable to run a sustainable recruitment business by relying on active candidate leads and only occasionally engaging passive candidates. 

As democratization processes continue and create more space for newcomers, the future state of recruitment will favour niche specialists and those organizations that can adapt fastest.

Surge in demand for recruitment

There’s a war for talent going on - right now! 

We have seen a 63% surge in demand for recruitment professionals over the past 5 years, with recruiters who possess new knowledge and skills being the highest in demand

Maximising candidate pool trough mastery

As a recruitment agency, it is vital to maximise your candidate reach on a daily basis. Your business is not sustainable if you outsource this or treat it as a novelty action conducted only for special clients.

Candidate reach must be continually mastered on a daily basis across all levels of your organisation. Maximising candidate reach is an essential element of engaging both active and passive candidates. By mastering it, you stay ahead of the democratisation of technology and channels.

Expand your vision and presence where it matters

In recruitment, it is risky to stick too long to the same old tactics. Niche players, specialists and adaptation-ready organisations are utilising new technology and channels in new ways and gaining ground fast.

This new technology and channels does not just provide improved access to not only active candidates. It enables you to engage with a comparatively huge pool of passive candidates (~70% of the total job seeking market!) who do not browse the platforms where recruiters traditionally advertise.

Hiring teams and recruitment marketers must adapt to an entirely new recruitment approach by utilising new tech and tactics to permanently and precisely extend their reach.

After 20+ years relying on traditional job platforms alone, you now must compete amongst peers and your own clients. This has become a level playing field with a race to the bottom for margins.

Those who continue to focus on engaging active jobseekers (just 30% of the total audience) will not win this battle. Those who emerge victorious will be those who expand beyond their traditional means.

A new set of skills and tactics specifically for engaging passive candidates...

Traditional recruitment consists of waiting for inbound leads to convert into potential and new hires.

Passive recruitment marketing demands an outbound view to reach candidates.

Raw leads like adverts and articles motivate and guide the candidate through a lead funnel like this, which brings them to the point of accepted candidacy. 

Competency in this process is key to securing passive candidates - it’s even rated by LinkedIn as the #1 skill for success by recruitment professionals worldwide for the coming years!

So, what are the 3 skills that WILL redefine recruitment?

As companies realise the sheer difference of recruitment marketing, they understand simply using some generic MarTech is not a sufficient solution. What’s needed is to add 3 new skills to their arsenal:

Analytics, marketing and tech.

When added to the recruitment mix, these 3 skills open up a series of new domains like engagement automation, conversion optimisation, technical marketing and SO MUCH MORE. 

Combined, these domains provide the path needed to secure passive candidate interest.

Today’s recruitment professionals recognise that these new skills are paramount in understanding the new era of active and passive candidate recruitment and rising to the newest forefront of the industry.

An influx in recruitment marketing agencies and new specialists is driving this new era

In the Netherlands alone, we have witnessed an astronomical 114% growth in recruitment marketing professionals since 2015. And this upward trend is not slowing.

Next-gen recruiters want to command market control, understandably. Many have founded their own agencies or joined staffing agencies that understand they must evolve.

As a result, we see many enterprises and traditional agencies teaming up with these recruitment marketers and new-breed agencies.

The war for talent is raging - that much is without doubt.

Few truly understand it yet, though we have the tools to ensure you do.

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