Jobrock is a integrated recruitment marketing toolkit for agencies to attract & engage talent where they truly are.

To repeatedly attract and engage valuable talent on their natural platforms is mission critical. Go beyond the post-and-pray approaches. Elevate your recruitment agency and remain ahead of the curve by mastering this craft in-house.

Jobrock’s toolkit enables recruitment agencies to truly harness the full jobseeker audience. By embedding recruitment marketing within their core operations and hiring team strategies, agencies gain total recruitment marketing and talent engagement control as an in-house skill.

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The All-In-One, Integrated Recruitment Marketing Toolkit for Agencies to Scale with Ease

So, we know accessing the full potential candidate market (active+passive) is business-critical. (Not sure? Check here). Jobrock provides every tool needed to tap into recruitment marketing, embed this valuable access and begin engaging at scale.

Before Jobrock: Your marketing experts work hard on the site and ad-hoc campaigns for your hiring teams. But most of the valuable candidates are passive and out of your hiring team’s reach - at least without massive manual effort or marketing support!

So, these passive candidates slip out of reach as you wonder how to break free from one-size-fits-all approaches, help your hiring teams reach passive candidates, and put an end to painful post-and-pray approaches.

After Jobrock: How did you work like that so long? Your agency process is now transformed with full integration of recruitment marketing and candidate engagement. In hours instead of weeks, your team rolls out fully-fledged, vividly branded recruitment marketing campaigns - and your clients are unanimously amazed!

Now, your hiring team and marketing experts are united, sharing the same toolkit and achieving greater, more frequent successes. Now, you consistently outperform competitors in the hunt for talent. With Jobrock’s speed, optimisations, data and workforce unity, your team is the ultimate recruitment marketing machine...

How it works

At least 70% of the potential jobseeker audience consists of passive candidates, which can only be unlocked with proactive marketing. Every recruitment case is a unique snowflake. Recognising and leveraging this fact gives you the advantage against your competition, every time. The most impactful optimisations emerge right after you go live, and first leads are always cheapest. So don't wait, move fast - go live. Start with the hassle-free setup of your unique engagement strategy for your client, launch your campaigns, learn rapidly and optimise faster than your competitors. Repeat this everyday and success will follow suit. Scale and win with Jobrock!

Step 1

Configure engagement

Leave “one-size-fits-all” strategies to your competitors. Configure fully branded custom recruitment engagement strategies with speed and ease, maximising process impact and efficiency in 100% of your recruitment cases.

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Step 2

Launch funnel

Run at-scale campaigns in the channels your candidates use. Automate wherever possible and personalise to add value. Share data and insights across your channels, teams, then monitor and build upon the results generated by your funnels.

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Step 3

Continuous optimization

Benefit from proactive toolkit insights and auto-sync your tracking data, empowering ad platforms to learn faster and enhance candidate discovery while at a significantly reduced cost.


Ready to configure, launch, optimize and repeat?

Jobrock toolkit empowers innovative recruitment agencies to become masters of their craft of reaching, engaging active and passive candidates at scale.

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